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to the people who cooks often at their own kitchen,
where do you usually buy non-chinese spices or food item that is not available in chinese market? i would like to know some markets or groceries store in gz that sells:

1. Italian spices, herb, and deli. I'm particularly looking for salami, fresh basil, coriander, and safron. 

2. Indian food and spices. Some massala, naan, paneer, and chutneys will be great.

3. American sausages, Jack daniel's BBQ sauce, and flavored wood pellets or charcoal.

4. Cooking wines, Optimo Tawny port wines and jackson triggs ice wine.

4. Japanese rice-wine, kimchee, sauerkraut, pita bread, brie cheese and pickled olives?

or, is there Chinese version of whole food / bristol farms / gelsons markets in gz?
any suggestion will be appreciated. im desperate here..

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Get down to Yi De Lu.

thanks a lot!
Metro has most of this stuff.
Safron is tricky, here in Clifford they used to have it in the wet market, but since it was redecorated that shop vamoosed.
But it was quite cheap for real saffron. Maybe Yide lu has it.
there's also an Oliver's near ZhuJiang Xin Cheng


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