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to the people who cooks often at their own kitchen,
where do you usually buy non-chinese spices or food item that is not available in chinese market? i would like to know some markets or groceries store in gz that sells:

1. Italian spices, herb, and deli. I'm particularly looking for salami, fresh basil, coriander, and safron. 

2. Indian food and spices. Some massala, naan, paneer, and chutneys will be great.

3. American sausages, Jack daniel's BBQ sauce, and flavored wood pellets or charcoal.

4. Cooking wines, Optimo Tawny port wines and jackson triggs ice wine.

4. Japanese rice-wine, kimchee, sauerkraut, pita bread, brie cheese and pickled olives?

or, is there Chinese version of whole food / bristol farms / gelsons markets in gz?
any suggestion will be appreciated. im desperate here..

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Taste, Metro, Oliver's, Corner's Deli are the popular ones I know. Even Park n Shop has an import section, but word of warning, check the expiration date, especially on the dairy products.
can u give me the address? thanks a ton!
taste: china plaza.
metro: huangpu dadao zhong.
olivers: clifford or clifford mansion. ada lagi satu di daerah baiyun.
corner's deli: citic plaza di lantai bawahnya.
thanks a lot claire!

pandai nya! you pandai masak juga kah?
she is.. almost every indonesian good at cooking :)
oh really? I love cooking too. don't mind picking up some nice Indonesian cooking tips. I am getting a mutton curry recipe from an Indian friend who actually made the dish for me. And getting the right curry powder is a difficult thing in GZ and the santan is another problem.
nah, im not good at cooking. i can only cook simple stuff, no bragging but they were all pretty decent so far. haha.
yesterday i just realized that i ran out of chilli sauce and later came up with this weird idea to try to look it up on taobao. turned out they really have it!! and as a bonus, i found different brands of santan as well, if u dont have time to go look for it, maybe u can just taobao it and try your luck?
wow, santan and chilli sauce at taobao? this is interesting coz I never bought it anything from taobao before. thanks for the tip. simple cooking is what I look for, especially those that I can do under 30 minutes, as you know we all have to work, no time for fancy cooking unless it's a weekend or holiday.

catch up with you when I return to GZ.
i went to park n shop in dongshangou.. they dont have anything.. i guess i need to go to grandview ones.
Jusco at East Station or Teem Plaza. Park nShop at Grandview Mall. Taste at China Plaza. All are reachable by the subway.
i went to jusco at tianhe this evening, they have pretty decent stuff. thanks..


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