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Is 'Gravity' really the best movie of the year or best space movie ever?

James Cameron thinks that director Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is “the best space film ever done.” It’s a remarkable compliment, give how many times Hollywood has traveled past Earth’s orbit. So far, audiences and critics largely agree with Cameron’s assessment.However,there are still some people have other opinion.What do you think?Or are there more worthy contenders? Would you nominate one?

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It's the most accurate representation of space, for sure. The only others to do so that I can think of are Apollo 13 and 2001: A Space Oddysey (the latter of which I think is better than Gravity). I also really like Sunshine, but like most space films (even well-respected titles like Solaris), it casually skips the notion of gravitational forces (everyone just surefootedly walks around the spaceship), which in retrospect looks pretty weak now.

The interesting thing for me about Gravity is that the representation of scientific factors is the most appelaling part, whereas the representation of characters is pretty weak imo. Contrast this with a typical Sci-fi film, which will tend to do the opposite: being incredibly weak in terms of scientific representation but appealing in terms of story and character dynamics.

Is Gravity really science fiction though? I guess not, unless the incredibly unlikely rains of detritus, proximity of space stations and the leading character's ability to effectively operate complex space vehicles by pressing random buttons can be deemed so improbable that they are scientifically ficticious.

Gravity only follows some laws of physics, there are many inaccuracies of terms of how realistic it is. Although is better than most space films by a long shot, it is not the most accurate representation of space in film.

For that, if you want a film that is more science than fiction, Europa Report is the film. One of the best films of 2013.

I've always wondered why people are so into sci-fi when the reality of how the universe works and everything about it is far more mind-blowing than most science fiction.

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Best space movie:



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