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Hello good people of GZ!

I am looking for a commercial ice cream/gelato making course in guangzhou. I am also interested in a company that sells ice cream making equipment.

Please contact me on wechat jamjam1001.

Many thanks.

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Jammy. Alibaba might be best for these kinds of topics

There are many places in GZ that sell Ice cream making machines. I'll assume you are looking for THE LARGE TYPE. Such as the ones that McDonald's uses? I was looking for a small ice maker and I saw many places in GZ that sell the large type Ice Cream makers. You should find a Chinese friend to take you to the places in GZ to find those places.

You could practice making small batches with a small home Machine...

If you are looking for a small home one you should check out The best Home one that I have had is Cuisinart...

It's great for home use. There are others that are cheaper. And as far as making Ice Cream... It's simple. Cream. Milk. Sugar. Vanilla. Then add your flavors But in large quantities that is something else. Same ingredients but at a larger quantity. Most large quantities are I am sure pre-mixed in a bag. Making ice cream from "scratch" is expensive to make in China. The cream alone in costly. This is all assumption on my part. But I'll bet that most places that sell Gelato/Ice cream either get it shipped in from a distributor pre-made or get a "MIX" liquid.  Good Luck

Thank you buddy. Very helpful information:)

1 Double Jammmy Ice Cream SlammmY .....PlEEeZZz!!

i went looking for some red white blue tarps and stumbled on this area where they sell all this restaurant and hotel equipment. 


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