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Hi everyone,

As you can understand french wines miss me a lot, someone can tell me the address for a shop with many wines especially french wines.

Thanks for your help,

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you can visit The Canton Place, shop: Everwines, which means Wines for everyone.

Address: The Canton Place, Haifeng Road, Zhu Jiang New Town, Guangzhou, Tel :020-38371338

Thanks you Doris ;)

This, avoid local Chinese except Milon or Jointek. The first one is good the second is ok. Any other Chinese supplier is shitty, selling garbage at a premium.

Everwines belongs to the Torres group, a Spanish company and one of the biggest in China. Everwines is their BtoC but you'll see their wines as well in all major hotels/restaurants/supermarkets. They got a vast collection of wines in this store (I live above it), likely they have something you are looking for.

Je ne savais pas qui avait des "métro" en Chine !

Shitty French wines are everywhere...

Unfortunately, I agree...

you can find french wines but most of them are shitty, the ones that are not selling well in France...or they are fake.

It is very difficult to find good ones, maybe metro they have some, but not really sure. Corner Deli in canton place may have some too. 

The only solution I have it's to bring back some good bottles when you travel home (that's what I do).

Shitty French are everwhere.....cheese eating surrender monkeys

Very funny!

Sinon dans le supermarché Olé a tianhe y'en a aussi pas mal. C plus accessible par rapport au "métro"~

I have a french friend who sells french Wines :)and all come from France

That's seems interesting ! There is a shop ? 

he's the boss of wine company,if you're interested,I can introduce him to you.


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