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Hi, forum folks! I'm travelling to GZ soon and I'm trying to find out if I will be able to catch the last train or shuttle bus to the airport if I were to arrive at Guangzhou south train station at about 11.15pm? Catching a cab seems rather expensive, what are the alternatives?

Thank you!

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so far away,it should be estimated 2 hrs.

u can use the uber app and call uber.

That doesn't sound very good. :( Couldn't think of anything worse than taking a cab out of town near midnight.

Haven't arrived that late at the south station but last time I spent a night sleeping at the airport and it was not bad. There is a cafe at the departure. It is located in the open area so you can still get in at their closing time. Got a couch in the corner perfectly for laying myself down wrapping in a blanket that I always carry when I travel. There is even a power socket nearby to plug in my electronic devices... When I was waken up by the waitress it was around 5am, so I took my time to clean myself up a bit and took a stroll down the subway and perfectly caught the first train. :)

If you don't have a night flight to catch maybe you can find some place alike inside the station?

Hitch hike.

As I know there isn't shuttle bus from the city to the airport at that late, although from the airport to the city a few ones will run till all the flights land.


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