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This question might depend if you like to cook then hell yeah, or eat out then hell no.  But when you guys are shopping around for an apartment does a nice kitchen attract you?

How important is a microwave, gas stove (1 burner 2 burner), range hood, space, electrical outlets, sink, cupboards, windows for natural sunlight, etc....?

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Very rare to get a good sized kitchen in a Chinese apartment. Most of them are pokey little holes that seem like an afterthought. Just enough room for a sink and a 2-burner cooker and a very small worktop. It's almost as if the architects expect that people will eat out most of the time and only use the kitchen for making instant noodles!

My wife loves to cook, Chinese and various other types of food. She manages but this is what she'd really like:
A built in oven for roasting/baking
Decent worktop space for preparation
Enough room to swing a cat!
A big enough kitchen to fit a table where you could sit and eat or just have a coffee
Storage space - as most Chinese kitchens are pokey then there is also very little storage space. We have hooks all over the wals to hang pots, pans and cooking utensils.

Well here is a visual of how I have my kitchen countertop setup.  I am using 1 piece granite for the countertops so the shortest is about 2 meters long while the longest one is 2.7 meters.  Cut holes for single basin sink, faucet, and dual burner stove.  There is just so much space of stuff you can cram into a 40 m2 1 bedroom, living room, toilet apartment.

im a big fan of having countertop space both sides of the sink, allows to stack dirty dishes one side and clean ont he other when doing the dishes, Oh lots of lights, can never see what im doing. 

I don't stack dirty dishes but I like alot of countertop space as I always cook a few things at the same time.  So I got alot of stuff going on and prepare.   I could never figure out how can one person use just one stovetop and cook a decent meal before everything gets cold.  Also I like alot of electrical outlets for the rice cooker, pressure cooker, microwave, tassimo etc.....   As for light there is plenty of sunlight from the three windows for 4 of the apartments while the other 2 none :(.  BTW running electrical wires and plumbing under the floor tiles and brick walls was not my forte.  The kitchen measures 1.5meters X 4.5meters and pretty much maxed out for floor space, so the table won't fit unless you ditch the washer and fridge.

just for the hell of it here is a snap of the counter being made.

I have a big kitchen, western style with a built in oven, dishwasher, various under worktop units and wall units and double sink..... My stove is a 4 burner a lot of windows. i also having a dining table with enough space for 4 people.

i used to like a fully-equiped kitchen but then i found out until recently i'm still too young for shit like that. most facilities are left unused. been too busy. cooking fast food only and eating from a wok directly. :/

Back in the days I just had a microwave and just NUKED everything.  Water, rice, noodles, everything except eggs. 

 oops double post

When looking for a place to live in Guangzhou.... 2 Things are a must for me. 1. A Western Toilet! Not a squatter am I. 2. A Good Kitchen! I now live in Liede. 2 Bedroom and the kitchen (and Bathroom are nice) Not huge. The Kitchen is long and narrow. But has plenty of counter top on one side. Many cupboards up and down. Microwave fits up top in a cubby. Counter has enough room for Toaster oven, stove, double sink, dish drying rack, Cutting board and much more. I hate that "deodorizer" dish thing they put in. Waste of space.

you mean dish sterilizer lol!  Never heard of these until coming over to china.  Waste of money and space IMO. 

you can store dishes in the cupboards and cabinets so no need to spend money in this unnecessary appliance.


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