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We are a GZ based small team of hobby filmmakers.
We have stories, shooting/lighting gear, some skills, and passion. What we are short of is enthusiastic hobby actors.
Let me make it clear:
SMALL group.
SHORT films.
We do it for fun, and make no money on it, at least at this stage.
Our stories are all fictitious, and totally safe in every aspect.
Acting is no easy thing, by the way. It is a pretty challenging experience. Not everyone who wants to act, can act.
Those who want to try are welcome to try with us.

As we have different stories, we need different people, from kids to their grannies and grandpas. So no matter if you're a teenager, a student, a young adult or a mature company boss - if you feel you have some strong character and want to present it to the world, just don't hesitate and get in touch.

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Hi, how to get in touch with you?Do you have a wechat group or sth similar?Thanks!

Thanks for replying, I am going to contact you in weixin (actually, it is in my profile, as well as in yours).


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