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Hi,GZ Stuff,Do u dare to change a Net server?

Its too slow!!!!


After GZ stuff

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If you don't like it, don't use it

ALL foreign sites were slowed down this week in case you didn't notice. Here's a couple of things you can do if you haven't already done so:

1) Disconnect from the Chat, cuz that really slows things down.

2) Contact your service provider and ask them WTF?

3) Change your name back to Fagio. And get back your Mojo.

Happy Surfing!

thanks for the tip, Andrew! I disconnect the chat and it really speed the hell up! :)

Since long time, use IE it can't be used just so stuck I almost think stuff is done? ! But use safari everything is ok.

it is very slow

Try turning off the Chat. That'll speed things up.


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