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First off, I know I can buy anything I like on Taobao, and I do, but I'm looking for a Game/Hobby store in Guangzhou. I'm looking for products like miniatures, multi-sided dice, game books, maps, boards, etc. I'd like to teach my students about table top games, (Dungeons & Dragons, for example) and am in need of some materials and equipment.

Thanks :)

(I live in Haizhu, but if there's any place in Tianhe, Yuexiu, Baiyun, etc etc, I'd like to know. )

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Possibly down yide lu near haizhu square would be a good place to look.

Is that near the Cathedral and that big Wholesale Mall? I was considering exploring that area, but sometimes wandering can be overwhelming. Thanks :) 

Yip thats the place, keep walking down there is another subway station along there, not sure which, but there is also alot more "hobby" shops around that area

I do a lot of biz in all the markets mentioned here and I afraid that you are not going to find the kind of D&D or any other RPG stuff that you are looking for in Guangzhou.

Fortunately, nearly every rulebook ever printed is now available on torrents.

There used to be a Games Workshop in Hong Kong but I am afraid that closed a few years ago too.

Miniatures are difficult to find over here.

King and Country does a pretty good selection but they are aimed at collectors rather that RPGers.  All of their painting is done on this side of the border but so far I not been able to find out where.

Plenty of rigged dice available in the gambling equipment shops around the station, but multi sides dice are going to be a bigger problem to find.

I will keep my eyes peeled for you next time I do a buying trip down to Yide Lu.


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