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For you ,what is success? Do you think you are successful?

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Not worrying about food, housing, money, feeling secure, being able to travel and do what I like.

peace of mind is all successful about.

its happiness with your own decisions.
People's values can be achieved.
no regrets when i dying
same here~~~
Success is being able to make people on gzstuff report "harassment" or "abuse" on me because they don't agree with my opinions. \m/
Success is the feeling of joy, the fullness of life, the fulfilling of potential. Notions of wealth (material/spiritual), health, influence, relationships, fame, enlightenment and freedom are all associated with the word success. To which are more important would be personal. Success is many things to different people, but in the end it will boil down to happiness and well being.
Success is waking up in the morning and find out I am still ALIVE
Success is when I come again to GZstuff forum after couples of days,and Smee is still active on every forums.
Flattery does not work on me, sorry.
Then what work on you?

Ask my wife, she will tell you.

But I am afraid she is not going to let you perform it.


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