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Do you prefer paying in Cash or using We chat pay?... and do you text or use voice chat?

Hi everyone! thought I'd throw my hat discussion in the ring.

Since I came back to GZ the most obvious of changes was the way of how goods/services were paid for. (the we chat pay)

The most common reason why a lot of people pay in this new way is ' because it's more convenient'.

Is it really as convenient as they say so? Is it any faster?

What's you thoughts on We Chat Pay?

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of people prefer voice chat. In the UK hardly anyone uses voice chat. I think it's because hardly anyone knows we chat, which is a shame because it's soooo much better than What's app.

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I do find that it does hold up the line when someone is doing the whole bar code thing, especially when I have the money ready in hand. I think in moderation is fine, but it would be foolish to rely on it entirely.

I think the voice chat thing depends if you're comfortable leaving your own voice messages on other people's devices, some people can be quite personal. 

I'm ok with wechat pay. Convenient or not it all depends.

Wechat transfer is very convenient but now they charge a small fee if you withdraw from your wechat wallet.

Voice chat is cool but I only use it with my family or really close friends and only when I'm at home. And I hate voice message.
Oh no I misunderstood "voice chat" as "audio call"!

NO, I DON'T LIKE VOICE CHAT. I never use it myself.

And I dislike video call, either.

For someone coming from the UK, your English is pathetic. Let me guess.. you're an English teacher?

My handwriting is also pretty bad.

Nope. I am not an English teacher. Why on earth would I be With my pathetic English? You guessed wrong

So Pete, do you use we chat pay? 

Let me guess Andy, you work for Tencent

You guessed wrong too. 

Oh, only 9 cents an hour then?

I kid, but when someone comes on here and is all "wechat wechat wechat" it is natural to assume that that individual has some vested interest in that app, n'est pas? 

From what I gather he's a UK country boy fresh off the boat and is overwhelmed to see how different life is here when compared to back home.

I'm faltered Pete for the attention, there are much better ways to make friends or just more than friends. You need to change your tact. 

When you assumeyou make an ass out of u and me.

I had to Kris, you left the door wide open on that one. 

I didn’t really delve much about it to be honest. Just type, send, and get on with other stuff.

That Pete guy is definitely making an ass of himself, that’s all him. I hope he’s not like that in the flesh.

I also didn’t take ielts, I did do tefl though, years ago. Go iWolf!


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