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Do you prefer paying in Cash or using We chat pay?... and do you text or use voice chat?

Hi everyone! thought I'd throw my hat discussion in the ring.

Since I came back to GZ the most obvious of changes was the way of how goods/services were paid for. (the we chat pay)

The most common reason why a lot of people pay in this new way is ' because it's more convenient'.

Is it really as convenient as they say so? Is it any faster?

What's you thoughts on We Chat Pay?

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of people prefer voice chat. In the UK hardly anyone uses voice chat. I think it's because hardly anyone knows we chat, which is a shame because it's soooo much better than What's app.

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Hey guys,more and more people prefer not to use cash now!It's more convenient to pay by Wechat or something else.Just like many patients use their insurance to pay the bill if they come to our clinic.Don't need to carry so much cash and they can get perfect service!If you are have any questions,please feel free to call us.

Patients use their insurance to pay the bill because they don't want to carry so much cash and they can get perfect service. 

Should really check out this clinic...


My opinion is, voice is convenient however if we need to look for records, it will be hard to find it if there are hundreds of voice chat.And we have to use headphone in office in order not to disturb others.

Well,paid by phone is one of the option,if one day I forgot wallet and Yangchengtong,at least I can have some bite at 7-11.


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