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Do foreigners like to play badminton?

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oh i love to play badminton....


do u like to play bball?


lets arrange some games...



ahahahaiahhhaaa .. what\s bball!!?


why are you laughing..?
Morons laugh when they don't understand things, it's a defense mechanism
I do NOT like to play badminton.
Oh! Recently we used play it until the indoor crew got exhausted, and we let them out after 23:00 every single night. So do you wanna join?



Do Chinese like to masterbate ??   I heard NOT !!   Let's arrange some games

Master Bait?
Master Bates (from England)


Yaya  Dat's it .... Someone who can put 12 worms on 1 hook  is otherwise known as a Master Baiter

No. Why?


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