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we all speak and write good English, reading and writing Chinese Poems can be enjoyable. have you ever tried ?

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honestly, I find it difficult to understand chinese poems...

ha, didn't get it until reading Kris' comments below.  You are talking about AV stuff, cool.

ya, never get any chinese stuff here, there are some chinese gals going to jap. tryin' to be porn star though.  well, even if they do "made in china" clips, not sure if that's anywhere compare to jap's products...u really wanna see?

u sure have many hobbies.

Hellz yeah, everyone loves to sit back and watch some good.... oh wait!  You said poEM, my bad I though you said poRN...



Some pornography can be poetic.
True, vowels can be very poetic
why don't we just ask edward to start another discussion, do u like chinese (or anywhere) porn..
John, time to pop your cherry and post it yourself... don't worry people will comment properly and make it fun... like GZStuff is ever boring
agree.  the bottom line is....THERE IS NO BOTTOM LINE in GZstuff.


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