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Do you know some good japanese restaurants in Guangzhou?

I went to the TAIRYO TEPPANYAKI japanese restaurant in Tianhe Branch several times. I found it's not bad. Good value with 168RMB including all food and drink. But the service is not good enough as there are too many customers. How do you think about this restaurant? do you know others good japanese restaurants?

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Yeah I've been to this place several times, good value. The sashimi there is definitely what you'd go there for, but you can only eat so much raw seafood in one sitting. Most of their other stuff is standard quality, nothing special, but still worth 168 for sure.

The only other Japanese restaurant I go to is the one in Clifford where I live. Run by an elderly Japanese couple, so the quality is quite good, and has my Japanese gf's stamp of approval.

Just avoid all the kaiten sushi (conveyor belt) places in GZ, whatever you do. These places seem to be the preferred spots for the locals, which means packed, noisy, everyone trying to get the best sushi, and dubious quality and authenticity at some of them.

its crazy restaurant , we had dinner there many time.. it was just 168 rmb if use credit card just 150 rmb per head 

mazo,sake and japnese beer with full of best choice while mood to get drunk and eat like hell

just Found this amazing Japanese restaurant, which is at the W hotel Called inagiku, probably one of the best japanese restaurant i've ever been! its so fresh ( the sashimi) theu have a good lunch menu and the service is excellent :)

Another good japanese restaurant located in lin he dong lu,( small japanese town) close to the mcdonalds and its a very small japanese restaurant ( beside a salon i think ) they dont serve sushi, but their smoked mackarel fish, deep fried mackarel and   the tofu are beyond words! :) and also a little bit closer to Ikea they serve amazing ramen! :)

Tairyo is good value but not so fresh or high quality. The one in Canton place is ok ( forgot the name ). The one in Taikoohui also not bad ( forgot the name ).

The Canton place called Morida, they got another one near Zujiang Station at the corner opposite of the Merchant bank. Taikoo Hui isn't bad but pretty much double the price of Morida for the same.

Another one not bad in Mall of the World near the UA cinema. The Japanese in the Shangri La is also a nice one.

Nice for the location but crazy overpriced is the Japanese in the 4 seasons. You pay easily 1000 rmb per head without alcohol or any beef.

Tairo I've been to while cheap I can't say I was that impressed. I went there once with a couple of friends and as the evening passed by the service went to a hold delivering almost nothing. Quality is also soso at best...

You can trust me by seeing my name :D, my favorite Japanese is on inside of Fuli huayuan which is on tiyudong road(very close to Rebel Rebel) but still, it's a really covert home-style restaurant, and I found it out the first while I was going upstairs to my friend's apartment. It's not a well known and fancy restaurant but every evening it's packed with Japanese, it's open from 6pm to 2am on Weekdays and Saturday, and for sure the food there is fresh and yummy of which is only cooked by the owner of the restaurant( Japanese), so you shouldn't go there if you are expecting something quick haha :), and the average spend is less than 100 per person. Let me know if you need more details. :)

Perfect! This is exactly the kind of place I want to go to. I checked the place on dianping and it only has one review (albeit a good one) which means most locals don't know about it yet, which is for the best. Definitely gonna go there soon. You sure it's only open after 6 PM?

Yes, I am sure. So unfortunately I could never get breakfast or lunch there haha!

Hi ,

I would appreciate if you could pls tell me the name of the place ! thanks

It's called 章之鱼家. I went there with my Japanese gf and she enjoyed it very much. I understand it was pretty authentic but I didn't really like much of it. Takoyaki (octopus balls) seem to be one of their specialties yet they aren't very good at all, and I've have them many times in Japan. Atmosphere is nice and prices ok, but I doubt I'll be going back again.


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