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do you have a headache of making up your mind for new year gift to you best friends and family?

the problem its, when i give someone the gift, i expect the pleasantly surprised appear on his/her face.

but i always failed....its not easy to catch all the people's feeling, but i try my best....

which items everybody likes?

for example: famous brand goods...ADD..NIKE... for matter how how large the gap of diffirent culture..even saucer man i think,


for papa and mama: like mini massage machine,,,they dont like too much expensive things...




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Time is the best gift. Take them out to lunch or dinner.

its a nice idear but i can see you are so buzy!

New year red pocket easy

you say what i was saying ? the problem in G.Z.CITY its mostly people think money can solve most its good to be given to you stuffs if you are the boss, or give to you colleges yes.but what im saying its best friends ands family people...

altough CHINA now its still the"international manufactory"but we are not machines,...we are real people with real,.....the best wishes to them should be specific and custom made,...

Which New Year?

i'm thinkin of getin a vibrator for my bestie. remember we got condoms as x'mas gift exchange, lovely ever



show up naked and explain your gift is love, not the sexual kind.


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