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Difference between quality of steak in China and abroad?

I can only relate to American markets, but I was wondering why the quality of meat/steak/pork seems to be much better abroad than in China. 


In Vons or Ralphs, a low end $3 - $5 slab of meat is tender and delicious.  In China, not so much.  I'm seriously wondering if someone could explain how and why there is a difference in quality.  Not just steak, pork too.  Is their any hot dog brand in China that is edible?


Does it have to do with how they are raising the animal?  What it's fed?  How it's processed? The strength of the Yen?  All of the above? 


Last question - Anyone here have experience importing food from abroad?  Not high end sirloin steaks, im talking low end like... potatoes or lemons..I know it's a strange question.



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PS. you might wanna see this


Coz this is China!

Seriously i think they hate beef or something, it's not even that expensive, they just don't know how to cook it it seems. Even beef in Chinese dishes are just little strips of chewy matter.

Pork can be good, but if you meant pork-chops then no. Again the preparation thing.

Queue restaurants claiming they CAN make delicious steaks in 3...2...1... 

You can get prized Japanese steak at 潮皇食府 (中信广场) cooked to perfection at typical Japanese steak prices.

As for typical steak, you can Google "Quality of Steak Factors." For general food quality you can read LA Times recent article on food quality in China. You can watch a film on hot dog manufacturing yourself and decide if there are any suitable hot dogs anywhere. In America we use the parts of the pig that you don't eat as fill. In China they eat nearly all of it. What the hell do they fill the hot dog with then?

If you go to 正佳广场 on the 6th floor you can ask for medium and they'll serve you blue rare because that's how they imagine foreigners like it and their typical customer base doesn't.

I imagine it's also difficult to get street-style 臭豆腐 in the states for similar reasons.


Funny the best Wagyu in the world comes from NSW  Australia not Japan


Anyway they are starting to breed quality beef in China for the HK market you want a reasonable steak go there,

There are places in GZ that you can go to for a decent imported steak cooked they way you want just be prepared to pay


You can Google Wagyu Beef Quality Grades yourself (Japanese> American> Australian) or look at the references to this case study. Anyways, it's subjective.
You can get reasonable steaks from Taste or Jusco but they r not d best. And nothing compared to Aussie beef, fuck I miss that.

The pork loin that I buy at the wetmarket for 17 rmb per jing (request fat be cut off and meat cut half-inch thick) tastes pretty much like pork chops I buy at Albertsons and Vons.


The beef is very different, sure. The type of cow is different. I prefer ribeye steak and, in the US, I just wait until a sale comes for about $4 per lb, and it tastes great, which is why I don't feel the need to buy more expensive beef. Therefore, in GZ, although I can buy good American beef at Metro for about $10 USD per jing (1 jing = 1.1 lb), I won't buy it unless it's for a special occasion. To get my daily beef fix, I go to the Xinjiang Muslim area and buy beef for 25 rmb per jing. They told me their beef comes from Hunan. They'll have a huge leg hanging in the frige and I buy about 10 jing and have them cut it up. I assume it's what's called the round portion of the hind leg but can't be sure. All I know is it's not very tender and doesn't have much taste. No part seems to be more tender than any other part, so cutting it as a thick steak would only kill my teeth. Therefore, at home, I'll cut it up into small, really thin slices and cook it up with veggies in typical Chinese style.


I'm Chinese American so the adjustment with Chinese beef isn't a big deal (aside from the lack of taste). You're white, so I assume you typically do not cut your beef into super thin slices. Anyway, I'm sure you can figure out a reasonable solution. Good luck.

The taste of beef depends upon a few key factors:

1.  What the animal eats - need I say more?

2.  It has to age properly, Chinese don't age meat, they think it has to be served fresh

3.  The genetics of the cow.  Apparently there have been improvements here on that.


Pork isn't so dependent upon what the pig eats because they are pigs.  LOL

If you want a good steak head to Alsace Village... It's it Tian He .. along the road opposite to Grandview mall ( like 3 mins walk maybe ) .. They have an awesome steak for about 200RMB...Best I've had in China.

I am sorry but Alsace village steack is not so good, as the rest of they serve there, anyway. 

For me, the best steack for a good price is in Paddy Field Irish Bar, Huale lu behind Garden Hotel. and their potatoes are also huge.

because there is something called 'meat tenderizer' in china


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