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Are based in China? Can you help us?

We set up a survey to gather the prices of the most common services and products used by expats living in the major Chinese cities.

The goal is, within a month, to publish a looong article with the average prices of the most common services and products in China, included a comparison of prices within the different cities.

This is something that a lot of people have been asking us for years because it's extremely difficult to gather accurate data before to move to China or even before relocating to a different Chinese city. We build a system that is able to collect the data for each city, compute the average prices for each city and publish them in real time in our website.

However, for this project to succeed, we will need the help of everybody in order to collect enough data. Please help us : )

Click Here to Take the Survey!

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The way you've framed the questions in your survey ensures you will receive the information you deserve, rather than the information you think you need.

Good luck with that.

Hey, thanks for having a look to our survey, we frame the values to avoid people introducing random numbers, we tried to establish a  wide range, but of course some can be incorrect, could you please tell me which value is not well framed?


If you're doing this study for a commercial purpose, then get the survey pilot tested by a market research firm. With the current survey, you're going to collect a bunch of meaningless data which I'm almost certain you will mis-use.

This is not a study for commercial purpose, the results will be public and real time (similar to other platforms as numbeo), but specific for China. Of course, we know the limitations of this survey, but the results can be useful for some people before moving to China. 

By the way, what is the current average cost of a massage with happy ending in Guangzhou?

Depends where and when you get it. Avoid such services until after the Canton Fair. That's what others told me anyway.

That would be a 40 days dry spell

As per Mr King Clown shold avoid such service from now to the end of Canton Fair. 

Canton fair ends November 4 or 5.

Yesterday was September 28 (When the 40 days statement was done), therefore

September 3 days, October 31 days, November 5 days: 3+31+5=39 days, 40 for easy understanding.

i can manage to have a quality life in guangzhou within 1000 yuan if i want (house rental excluded.). :)
or less...

massage with happy endings don't come cheap nowadays.  I remember when 100 RMB would get you very far.

When I moved to China in 1995, you would get 3 roubao for 1 RMB. And the quality control boys used to get their gooses drowned for RMB 150. Now 1 RMB buys one roubao. And there are guys departing from 2000 kuai for, well supposedly more sophisticated, goose drownings.


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