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OK, now what did you do for Christmas in China?

I guess the expat that comes with his western baggage of wife and kids, would try to replicate what they use to do in their country of origin.

But the single guy with no relatives in town, and the gweilo that married a local beauty? What do they do? Other than go out to eat an expensive "Christmas Dinner" what else? Do exchange gifts with the locals? Does that consumerism habit start catching up among the locals?

For me Christmas was fun when I was a kid. The expectation of a good gift, which rarely materialized, but still some fun in that. Adult ceased to be much fun, except that there were days off from work, which were the highlight. And dodging those invitations to go to a Church hear the minister complain that the Church only filled in holidays...

It made Christmas in China to be meaningless. No holiday! And try to avoid gift giving, there are too many days that are supposed to be commemorated with gifts in China anyway. They really no need another one. Two good things here, no need to buy shit for Christmas, and no tips are needed at restaurants, hotels, bars, taxis...

Bad side in Christmas in China is that someone told the suppliers that they have to go through all the business cards they have collected in a drawer and send them a Santa photo with Merry Christmas, and remember I sell this kind of stuff to every card e-mail.

Slow Friday...

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a severely polluted christmas in guangzhou obviously. i read your tags and guess it's proper to give it a rant here.

yeah i know i'm boring as well. :(

I played ball outside with the kid ... and err .. we had food, Guilin Rice Noodles very expensive la. 
Oh and we watched The Interview.

Note i was brought up in a relatively strict Christian home and Christmas meant 2 visits to the ever boring church, no Santa. 

So Christmas... yea it does not mean that much to me.

you got 1 day off stinky?

for me what i need most are some outdoor exercises but the air was sooooooooooooo bad!!!!!
and it is so bad still!!!!!!

2 Days off, wouldn't make sense to work anyway as the entire Western world is off as well. 

Yes the air was a bit bad, it wasn't like we were doing intensive exercise so we lived.

one of my friends told me that i should give her a big and red apple with nice packing as christmas gift .i smile and told her i will buy her ugly one..

so how was 'the interview'? i probably would have totally ignored it until all the big fuss about it.. still havent bothered to even see what it's about, since i'm not a fan of that seth whozit guy at all

It delivered precisely what i expected, a very mediocre comedy. 

Yea i don't like Seth Rogan either, i actually thought the Kim Jong Un actor did the best performance in the movie.

Oh and if you don't blink there is boobs in the movie, so there's that.

hmmm guess i'll have to wait to see the movie till after i go shopping, i'm all out of superglue to hold my eyelids open

i wonder if an actress takes it personally, she agrees to show it all and then they cut it down to just a blink :)

I just love all the controversy around the movie, and of course this will now become the most watched movie this year haha.

yeh he doesnt add much to the entertainment industry, but the studio marketing people probably will do anything for him :)

it would be funny to find out that all the threats and hacking stuff was really part of a secret deal he made with kim, just to get the publicity, which means more bucks for him, then he can give kim some of the profits to hire a better hair-stylist for himself :)

Well i don't believe it was N-Korea behind the hack, there is lot's of other N-Korea bashing entertainment that did not receive this much attention. 

From what i've read it is most probably disgruntled ex Sony employees (sorry i didn't keep a record of the stuff i read, no sauce this time). I don't think it is some sort of viral marketing tool either, as Sony really lost too much in this leak - which is their own fault due to their flimsy security.

Hair-stylist comment i cannot comment, i don't really pay attention to that and i look like a hobo myself :)


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