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Hello stuffers,

Yesterday, my wife was told by some bank clerk bloke that in following with European banks, Chinese banks are going to stop offering interest to account holders and actually start charging a fee for looking after their money for them. Not just some banks and foreigner customers but all banks with all customers.

I am wondering of anyone has heard anything along these lines.

Do European banks charge people to look after money for them? I have been here for 15 years and only hold a simple current account in England but I have never experienced anything like this.

She was only told this yesterday and I have no links or anything to back anything up.

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It seems ICBC already have a monthly small fee they charge. And it has been going for some time already.

why? because they are going to offer european standard services now?

HSBC does a monthly charge for their Advanced accounts if you don't maintain a minimum balance

And for their Business accounts as well...

Didn't know that, never needed one

really?never heard abou it

@ Steve, Go to Bangladesh, you can get up to 10% interest for keeping money on your saving Account. Also if deposited for 6 years then guess what? You will get double money.

dude, just think, what is my benefit give you guys false information ? i just hear about White trash , do not see them, but after come to then i see them a lot. you are worse then my village woman. they at least think few second, whether i am selling you my Bank ? am i a marketing or sales of Bangladesh Bank ? if i do not have any direct or indirect benefit then why you disbelieve me ? i am a dude like you sitting on computer passing time. stupid . , think then talk (no bullshit plz)

one more thing, how much foreigner visit China (a big giant china ) at least half of them also visit Bangladesh. and doing Business with us. don't believe ., who care.

500,000 Chinese foreigner live in Bangladesh 30% are illegal , 500,000 more foreigner live in Bangladesh 50% illegally working in our export sector or medical sector or Education sector , or Telecommunication sector.

again iwolf , fuck you, if you insult me which i don't deserve.

Psht! He is teaching me Einstein formulas!
ALFRED Einstein xD
No comment :D

dude google .com and google who is Alfred Einstein, you will find same information if you search who is Albert Einstein. some people still today call him Alfred Einstein, some people Albert Einstein. 

May be Germany call him Albert or English , i don't know really. American call him Albert 

Alfred Einstein is NOT Albert Einstein! Alfred Einstein is a musicologist and Albert Eistein is a theoretical phsicist. You are the first person ever calling Albert Einstein Alfred.
Albert Einstein is not an economist. I'm sure the formula of 72 bollocks is not created by him and I have never heard of this formula. I checked the formula, it is so inaccurate.
First of all, I calculated the pay-out of 10% interest after six years but you were too dumb to figure out the formula I used. So you made hundred lines to calculate with 12%.
Let me explain to you the formula I used in details.
Variable: d=deposit, i=interest/100%, y=year, p=pay-out
Formula: d*(1+i)^y=p
In an example: d=100, i=0,1, y=6
-> 100*(1+0,1)^6=100*(1,1)^6=(100* 1,1)*1,1*1,1*1,1*1,1*1,1
After first year: p=100*1,1
The second year: p= (100*1,1)*1,1
Now if you want find out how many years you would need to double, triple or... your money for a specific interest then still the same formula.
For doubling: p=2*d ; For tripling: p=3*d ; For...and so on
For doubling: d*(1+i)^y=p <=> d*(1+i)^y= d*2 <=> (1+i)^y=2 <=> y=log(2)/log(1+i)
Now compare it with the formula of 72 bollocks:
i=0,01 (means 1% if you did not understand xD)
72/1=72 so it says it would need 72 years
Now with my formula:
log(2)/log(1,01)=69,66 means it would need 70 years
A differential of 2years proves your formula of 72 bollocks is invalid.
Not convinced yet?
Then convince yourself by calculating again with 1% interest just like you did with 12%.
I can tell you 100 will be 200,67 in 70 years.


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