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For those of us married to a Chinese person, there is a special 'family' visa called a Q visa. On the surface a Q visa looks great - you can stay over 180 days and the paperwork isn't too difficult. There's just one problem.... WE CAN'T WORK LEGALLY! If we can't work, how can we support a family? It doesn't make sense to have a Chinese spouse and not have the right to work in China! China, let us spouses work!!

Ok, you might say that Canada/the USA/whatever also don't allow spouses to work. But what they do is allow spouses to apply for a work permit! Much different than a Z visa, this lets spouses get whatever jobs they can find without extra hassle. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese go overseas to work every year with no problem.. Meanwhile the China "Green Card" has only been given to ~1000 foreigners since 2004! (and we support reform overseas too! #1WorldHumanity!)

Does China think we are taking their jobs?  The labor market here is not the same as in the West where a new immigrant is competitive.. No Chinese company is going to hire a foreigner when a Chinese will do... that's why we usually end up teaching. These B.S. laws just lead to foreigners working "illegally". Or perhaps they are trying to discourage us from marrying Chinese women? Is the policy founded in sexism? Is it just designed for Chinese men to import housewives?

It's really tiring how China considers foreigners to be 'laowai' and makes no accommodation for those of us who call China our home! We're not guests, we are married to your citizens! We want the same considerations that Chinese who get married and move overseas have! The policy should change and allow for working on a Q visa or easier paths to a green card!  We want to contribute. 

China, let us work! Reform the spousal visa!

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While agreeing with the main point of your rant you really need to get your facts straight and not mix issues.

"Meanwhile the China "Green Card" has only been given to ~1000 foreigners since 2004!"

The figure is more like 7,500 and it's not just issued to spouses.

Thanks for clarifying.


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