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Recently I'm dealing with a girl who claims that I have failed her friendship because I asked something back from her that belongs to me. Long story short, she ordered some products from me, I delivered the products according to her requirements but she hadn't paid me for a year, although she promised me she would pay me as soon as she received the payment from her client.

Anyway finally, I have got my money back but she declares that I'm no longer her friend. "From now on, our relationship stays within business."

Thanks God!

I know there are people believe in "friends first, business next." While I'm the "business is business and I'd rather not do business with friends" type of person. I know friendship is sweet but as it comes to splitting the benefit or bearing the loss, it often gets rather awkward.

What's your opinion?

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Shitty way to lose a friend BUT....obviously they were not worth it in the first place if they attempt to bend u over !

To "lose" a "friend" dear.

I don't really get why there are always people come from nowhere trying to "make friends" with you when they hardly know your name, and what you do for fun in your spare time...

However, they are being soooo "friendly" that it makes you difficult to reject.

This is the same girl who tried to invite me to watch a shitty Chinese movie while turning down my inviting her to a beach party. Apparently we have little in common and barely knew each other but she kept insisting that she had treated me like a friend. Well, if being her friend means giving her a big favor for no good reason, I'd rather not be her "friend".

How can the relationship stay in business if she is a bad payer.

Better be a friend than a client.

I totally agree with you. That's what she said. She is still being sulky but I'm glad that I no longer need to carry the burden of her "friendship".

For a client (non-friend) I always require in advance a deposit (for big items) or full payment (for small items). But since she was my "friend", I skipped that. And that's what caused the problem.

I believe it was her client who failed to pay her but that was the problem between she and her client, i have done my job and I shouldn't be the one to bear the loss.

Gotta say I also have friends who are very decent payers but it always bothers me to balance the relation between a client and a friend.

The best way to lose a friend is either sell to them or buy from them, or even hire them for some job.

Another example, one of my friends tried to order some item from me without even asking about the price! And I knew the cost would be far beyond her expectation but it's gonna be embarrassing if I told her directly. I had to tell her it was out of supply but it was not a good feeling.

Sad but true story...

In my humble experience, the friends with more money will pass u over quite rapidly once they are done with your skills.

I am an OCD landscaper....  I will stay until the job is done ...  Maybe longer...

If u cook good food...

Maybe never get rid of me ... Haa...errrr   HUA !!

Humans are opportunitists! Sad but true. I don't deny that but wise people always try to create a win-win situation. When you find the common ground and mutual benefit for you and your partner, things will work. But some people will never understand that.

Nice garden...

Then she's probably not worth keeping either.

Thanks Robert, I'll forward this to her. ;)

Business will ruin your friendship,  if you are doing business with your friends. 

Good riddance. You should never mix business with friendship.


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