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Newcomer here. I see that the more common Western blog hosting sites like blogspot, blogger, etc, are not the best choices to use on this side of the firewall.

Does anyone have any recommendations for sites that don't have blocking issues and also are English-friendly for signing up and for the basic tools?

Not looking to do anything fancy - plain text like a journal, with photos on the same page or in a separate gallery section. Looking for something I don't have to use VPN with, and ideally not too slow for people on either side of the firewall?

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It's not so likely to get blocked if it's a Chinese company doing business on this side of the firewall, is it? Or is that not true? I expect to make my own domain name, but it still needs to be hosted by somebody that I can expect won't get their servers blocked. That's why I'm thinking a Chinese company that plays by the Chinese rules is probably the best bet, if I can find one that doesnt require knowledge of Chinese just to set up some basic pages.

I've done quite a bit of research on this, and found a few articles that offer some hints, but I don't know - maybe they're just ads in disguise? I'd like to know if anyone has any experience or comments about the content of these links.

Thanks for that link, there's a bunch of information there to sort through! 17 places in China, 37 in HK, and 42 in SG, even a couple in Macau. I've got a lot of work to do, starting with why there is such a wide range of prices.

I take it that you're saying I don't need to worry about the firewall if I'm going through a HK or SG company? That's interesting, I would have thought only a mainland company would be safe. I haven't worked with a VPS setup before, this should be just another bit of educational challenge that comes with being in China.

My content won't be a problem, I'm sure of that. But I have seen articles that talk about people's sites being blocked because somebody else using the site did something that got the whole hosting company frozen, so I guess that's something to consider.

I wonder, if I'm using a mainland VPS, how will the speed be for people outside the firewall?

My gut tells me the firewall probably doesnt affect access attempts from the other side too much, it's more about access from this side, but maybe I'm wrong.

yeah, sure

The OP is serious...

ah, thanks, @

That's strange, it lost most of my reply, I'll try again.

Thanks, Ruinaduo, I get it now. I didn't understand that comment, since that link just takes me to an error page.  I thought huajuan was complaining to the mods about a broken link.

Yes, you're correct, I'm looking for th kind of place where you can use tools like Wordpress, not what they call blogs here.


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