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Not sure if that is correct "Bi Jiao" spelling but...

Has anyone experimented with bi jiao in cocktails? The most I have ever done is mix it with Miranda (orange Fanta?). I was just wandering if anyone else has been more adventurous, with varied levels of success...

What you mix or have you mixed and how would you name them?

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Is that a "? - what on earth is he talking about?" or "? - why would anyone be stupid enough to make bi jiao cocktails?"

Or is my "bi jiao" confusing? I mean Chinese rice wine.

bai jiu?

Yeah..I think so. Like I said I am not sure how to pinyin it. Chinese rice wine.

And there's no such drink as Miranda, there is Mirinda... (orange Fanta as Pepsi is Coca Cola...)

Haha! Thanks. Didn't notice that.

I thought you were trying to say "beer" in cantonese, and that just seemed really wrong to mix beer with Miranda..or anything else.

Ah...right. Sorry my bad pinyin. Yes, it would be wrong to mix beer. Though I have done so. I have mixed beer with one of those blue alcopops before to get this green(ish) concoction.

Well, Koreans like to make "submarines" which is a shot of a decent Scotch submerged in a mug of draught beer...

It normally kills them in the second of those doses.

if i'm not mistaken they called that "boiler maker in USA

I have in the past spiked my instant coffee with it. 

Edit!  In the evening mind you!

Very interesting BM....Last time I drank that cougar piss my horsepower was boosted by at least 20% .....briefly...and then I got to stay in a hospital for a few weeks for knee surgery. It tastes like formaldehyde and I wouldn't put an old paintbrush in the shit.

Party on !!


It is 100 % now but my leg modeling career is over...Ha !!


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