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It's amazed me how hard this is to find, a city of this size.... Surely they must have a track and field/athletics club

Any info is much appreciated

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Hey man, not to rain on your parade, but do you see many chinese guys running in guangzhou? most of them just play football or go kobe style with bball.  In factdo you see  any of them running 100m sprints in record time any major sporting events. hahaha. They have sports centers with tracks and football fields and weightlifting but no real athletics associations such as you are seeking. Why not just hook with a chinese guy and start your own Atheletics association? If they see a foreigner engage in it they are more apt to get motivated.

  You might be able to find a marathon club, I have seen many people participate in the marathons, but strangely I never see so many people actually preparing for I dont know if they just run the marathons when they happen or what...that is is a strange thing and yes, quite a few people usually go to hospital while attempting the

If you want a run club, you may find people at Baiyun Mountain. 

But as Bob commented, no professional track and field where you have access to a track. 

The Metro isn't enough exercise for you? :P


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