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Geographically, parts of the Russian Federation are in both Europe and Asia, but mostly Asia, and a percentage of Europe.

(So really, the under lying question is if your identity determined by your geographic location or your cultural background?)

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Interesting answer copied pasted from the interwebs:

"A historical analysis reveals that Russia has played rolls as both a European and Asian power over its history. Traditionally Russia has aspired to status as a European power as evidenced by its early adoption of the Prussian military model under Peter III and Peter the Great's Westernization campaigns.

That said, Russia has also incorporated much of it's Asian identity into its heritage. European cultures have been demonized in Russian history as corrupting and foreign, particularly during the Soviet Period.

The most complete answer to your question is this. Russia is both Asian and European, though it moves between these two poles depending upon where the greatest threats to its security can be found.

When faced with the might of the Japanese Imperial Navy in 1905 Russia identified itself as "European." Indeed the Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese war marked the first time that a "European Power" was defeated at sea by a non-European power.

Yet when Russia faced an aggressor from Europe -- be it Napoleon's army, Hitler's Wehrmacht, or NATO it rejected Europe as a component of its cultural identity and - particularly when faced with NATO, consolidated itself with Asian allies like North Korea and China.

The Sino-Soviet Split between Khrushchev and Mao forced Russia back into a middle-ground from which it has not fully emerged. Faced with two threats to its security, NATO to the West and China to the East (ok, South, but who's counting) Russia found itself unable to identify with either its European or Asian cultural heritage. This in turn contributed to a significant decrease in the ability of the Soviet Government to appeal to Patriotism as a means of motivating the Russian people. Without a cultural identity to appeal to the Soviet Union began to fracture into internal and distinct cultural factions -- speeding its eventual downfall.

Of course, if you're speaking geographically Russia is both in Europe and Asia depending on which side of the Urals (I think that's right) you're talking about."

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Culture background i think . So they are European in my opinion.

How about turkish? They are asian or european?

would be interesting to know:)

Most Russians I've met culturally align themselves with Europe.

think they are on their own

russians are russians. they are neither asian nor european.

what does this have to do with the question?

Think Anthony Think .

can we post this question at the russian group and get their opinion? would be interesting to find out

Why is it no Russians have commented here?


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