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Ok boys and girls, I am looking for flights and it seems that even for a 2 stop EVA seems to have a nice price plus duration is good too.  Google just says that they are one of the top safest airline but i am looking more for personal experience.  Would there be any issue entering Taipei?  The layout of the airport?   etc....

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I've never flown Eva Air (too expensive!!) but I found a way of getting around Taipei Airport. I contacted a friend of mine called Goo Gal and he emailed me the floor plan of the airport. I hope this helps.

If you want a more detailed layout of Taipei Airport, Goo Gal is happy to oblige but I doubt you would understand a more complex/detailed airport layout than what is provided here.

Is there anything else we can get for you? How do you take your coffee?

This Goo Gal of which you speak, is (s)he expensive for their services?  I need help on how to open a jar of pickles.  

Open a jar of pickles? For that you need something more local. I have a buddy here in GZ called Bi Ng. I'll hook you up and we can get that jar of pickles opened right away. Bi Ng is also a specialist in dating/romance advice. Their advice is free!

Wow, excellent

free massage chairs... aren't they everywhere here in china?

I flew with them twice, from HK to Vancouver via a stopover in Taipei, and back.  Service was great and way better than any mainland based airline.  The airport layout is straightforward and easy to get around.  If you're just transiting, I don't imagine there would be any issues, unless you're planning to go into town.  I would fly with them again.  And check out that huge exhaust fan in the smoking area.

there is a connection time of 5 hours or so, for sure i will avoid that gas chamber.

I was once bookd in ADAM air, but the flight was cancelled.

The flight was cancelled because Adam Air merged with Eva Air. They jointly developed Cain Air and Abel Air, although apparently Cain Air bought out Abel Air in a hostile takeover.

I fly Eva periodically. It is good value, and Tapei is very safe and interesting. Taiwan is more like Japan really with a veneer of Chineseness. I do not remember anything special about TPE airport. Visit the NAtional Museum even if generally you do not like museums. And a hot spring too.

But Taipei is expensive for accommodation.

In conclusion - try EVA via Taipei.

So typical Chinese..

Eva is one of my favourite airlines. 


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