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anybody here, who can help me to find cheapest way to go to songkhla .thailand?

anybody can help me to find cheapest way to go to songkhla .thailand?

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try air asia speaciall offeres.... i got return ticket last years, just a little bit more than 1000rmb...or to Kunmin and than from there...but could take longer time...
I agreed with Elis.
Pls try air asia and buy ticket at by credit card. if your location is in guangzhou, pls consider the departure from Shenzhen or Macau, it could be much cheaper. For your reference, no seat number of the ticket and no meal in the plane during your flight to Thailand. Please get well prepared for the trip. Wish you a happy journey.
You can set the seat number when you buy the ticket and also order food when you buy the ticket.
Is cheapoer than buy food in the flight and you are assured a good place in the plane before boarding.

check air asia~

i bought a ticket fr GZ to BK, only 99RMB...

pluss taxes and insurance and return all together around 1000...
Walk to the ocean, then swim to Thailand. You will probably drown before you get there, but at least it will be cheaper than flying there.
hmmm taken from google map directions? Kayaking across the Atlantic and such.


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