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I use two VPNs, ExpressVPN and FlyVPN, but I have experience a lot more disconnects than usual the last month.I dont know what it is, but once one of the programs disconnects, neither will work with any server for about 10 minutes, so I guess your IP kind of gets "locked out" or something for a few minutes. 

This is a huge problem for me since I rely on VPNs for work. I am currently creating webpages for our company and both wordpress and weebly are blocked in China (reasons?), and our webhost bluehost is barely usable without VPN. 

Chinas internet policy is so "#¤"%¤¤ damn stupid. Not only does it not work, since people can access anything they want if the really try, but it also alienates China from the rest of the world. Yeah, worked out great the last time china closed itself off. All it does really is annoy the shit out of people. 

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Yeah, sounds probable. 

Friend, welcome to china

Like I said, I know that its common with disconnects etc. I came here in 2003 so I am not really new to China. What I am saying is that its been extremely much disconnects the last month. 

You need to change your default protocols for both. China has been sniffing packet signatures associated with OpenVPN systems, which is what both of your VPN's use for their servers. Under the options change it to pptp or l2tp.

Run a speed test on them and don't pick the highest speed one, because that's the one everybody else will use too. Try for a Singapore connection instead of HK. 

Lastly, check for updates from the companies. They likely did an update when the big Windows patch came out in early Jan. 

Hi! You seem to really know what you are talking about so is it cool if I take this opportunity to ask you a few things that I dont get about VPN?

1. How come that when 1 VPN server disconnects, I am unable to connect to any VPN servers using any programs? Does that mean that my IP has become temporary banned from VPNs by my ISP or something? Could I just refresh my IP or dns somehow to be able to reconnect right away?

2. Most VPNs cost around 10$ or so a month, but I would be willing to pay 100$ a month if I could get a reliable, stable and fast connection. Are there any other services besides VPN, or some elite dedicated VPN program thats more expensive but offers better reliability? 


1. ExpressVPN has a kill connection switch that will make you unable to send traffic to any DNS servers if the signal drops. Uncheck it and you'll continue to get info. Another thing, make sure to use only one VPN at a time, don't try tunneling both. Also, make sure you are using DNS servers outside of China. 

2. If you are willing to pay $100 a month, you could get your own dedicated server in HK. 

That website is the company which owns the servers that almost all VPN companies in China use. You could set your own proxy through their servers, or you could buy your own Cisco router which has built in encryption.  The Chinese firewall works by blocking I.P.'s from their DNS servers and ISP's help with routing, if you bypass that, you can visit any site you want. That's why Google isn't welcome in China, because they have DNS servers that wouldn't block the i.p.'s the Chinese government wanted. 

Thanks for the info!!!! I would easily pay that. Actually the company I work for will pay it since I have to use VPN to be able to work. Is that proxy hard to set up for a non-haxor like me?

If you use a Cisco router, it's pretty much plug 'n play. 

You'll need to be comfortable with protocols and command line syntax if you want to use OpenVPN. There's some mojo that goes into making that work. 

Have you fully patched your VPN's? When was the last time you updated them?

I was hoping they would update themselves so I have not really searched for updates, will do it right away :D
I hope you dont mind me asking a bit more because if I could solve this internet issue, it would make my life here SO MUCH EASIER. 
Will any cisco router do or do I need to get a special one? I did a search on tabao and found a whole bunch but most of them are also "linksys", is it the same company or are they partners or something?
But even if I get the cisco router, I will need to get a dedicated VPN too right, or will either one do? Whats is so special about cisco routers btw? 

Your VPN's don't have driver privileges, so they need to be updated manually. (which sucks!)

You probably need a special router. Cisco has a software VPN client, but I don't know how well it works. You could contact them and ask. I do know their 3900 series works like a charm and the software is installed and configured already on that box. 

linksys also has a VPN router, labeled LRT214 or LRT224. I imagine those both use pptp, or l2tp as options. Those are the two protocols I prefer when I get disconnects. Both of your VPNs should have them listed as options.

Cisco is pretty much the industry leader in protocols and networking. That's why I use their stuff, but you are welcome to check around for other devices. 

Do you host your websites on Chinese servers or foreign ones?

You should be careful using wordpress, a bunch of vulnerabilities have been found in it lately. Don't want hackers toying around with your stuff for fun. :-P 



Interesting! I will look into it. Thanks man!

Yes, it is getting more and more difficult to access out of CN. Also it seems Windows 10 has some special control that makes VPN work very bad and certain sites seem blocked in the OS...

I have both W8.1 and W10 in the same computer and I can get a semi decent connect with W8.1 and instant reject in W10.


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