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Who's Your Least Favorite Gzstuffer (Male And Female) And Why? Who would you vote off the island :)

OK, think of this as a game like Survivor.
And for whatever reason or reasons you may have, you must vote someone off.*
So don't be nasty just name names and why you chose those names.
Keep it nice, So here we go.
I'll go first.

Male: Kyle
Why? I've met him a couple of times and I wasn't impressed.
Then when he dissed Chinese girls. That was it, he's got my vote.

Female: Monica
Why? She represented herself as something she is not. And she became very insulting to me very quickly. (and continues to) And she might even be a guy.

I just wanted to say I don't hate these people, heck I don't even really know them but I had to choose someone.
That's how you play the game :)

* Disclaimer: This is just for fun and does not represent the views of gzstuff or asia stuff media and is for entertainment purposes only. No one will actually be voted off :)

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Rude, who me?
No way!
I remember being quite complimentary of her nudie pics :)
What ??? I called her the sweetest girl on gzstuff. I messaged her everyday on msn but she never replied. Who was rude ?
well, it wuz actually every hour :$
Flirting is not cheating Karol!
Yeah, she is back again. It seems she deleted her profile coz she is a new member now.
im not prejudiced i dislike everyone equally
The canton fair is around the corner. Just get a booth there instead of pimping ur articles on this site. We need better wanking material (as ida said)
ida gets away with a lot on this site. that bitch.
Dear site god,

could you remove this topic as it is having an impact on my deodorant orders.....


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