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Who's Your Least Favorite Gzstuffer (Male And Female) And Why? Who would you vote off the island :)

OK, think of this as a game like Survivor.
And for whatever reason or reasons you may have, you must vote someone off.*
So don't be nasty just name names and why you chose those names.
Keep it nice, So here we go.
I'll go first.

Male: Kyle
Why? I've met him a couple of times and I wasn't impressed.
Then when he dissed Chinese girls. That was it, he's got my vote.

Female: Monica
Why? She represented herself as something she is not. And she became very insulting to me very quickly. (and continues to) And she might even be a guy.

I just wanted to say I don't hate these people, heck I don't even really know them but I had to choose someone.
That's how you play the game :)

* Disclaimer: This is just for fun and does not represent the views of gzstuff or asia stuff media and is for entertainment purposes only. No one will actually be voted off :)

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wowow, support this thread, i am so boring lately at work, wanna read controversial sensitive thread... hohoho

Male: JohnU (he's also my most favourite gzstuffer) choose him just for fun as looking towards to read his interesting response and replies if he really won this game.
hmmmm...ill have to get back to you
i agree with andrew..
i vote for monica..the least...fav female in gzstuff............
fucking ey andrew, NICE! are we actually naming names???? is that legal??? shit, i have tons of people whose posts i do not read cuz they're so painfully boring..... could i name names????? i don't give a fuck if they get offended or they hate me or somethin.....
Is it legal, why not?
Is it rude, maybe.
Is it brazen, definitely.
If you don't want to play the game you don't have to play the game.
Hell, I am expecting some votes on this one myself :)
Maybe even a landslide.
Hey Kinza, just goes to show ya that people can disagree and disagree strongly.
And it shows you that even different-minded and strong-willed people can still find common ground and respect for each other.
And no matter how heated and even off the tracks it might get, you can still be gzstuff friends.
Plus I think your kinda hot :)
my least favorite people on here are:
1) no sense of humor
2) so painfully stupid
3) so painfully boring
4) constantly post meaningless crap just to post something and get exposure
5) losers that have no imagination so they have to resort to name calling.. like "idiot" "cunt" "racist" "jerk" etc.....

could i really name names????????? andrew, aren't/weren't you a moderator, so you can give me permission??
You're on your own John.
But go ahead and do it.
You'll feel so much better after, this I promise you.
Now what Dave has to say is something else entirely.
But I hope he lets this thread fly.
You're welcome Kyle.
the most annoying must be that welcome angel...
GAWD!!, she was boring as hell, had no sense of humor, post meaningless shit all over the place, fuck, at one time, 90% of my inbox was: welcome angel replied to a discussion on gzstuff........
Thanks John!
And for the male?
GAWD!, that racist, sexist, punk johnU
he thinks he is god's gift to china or some shit...
he puts up posts just so he can rile up some shit, stand aside, and watch the others fight! i've met him in person though... and he's the sweetest, coolest guy i have ever had the honor of meeting....


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