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Put (R) in front of your name and MSN will give $0.2 to Red Cross China

For all those using MSN
Put (R) in front of your name and MSN will give $0.2 to Red Cross China
It's the rainbow icon in your MSN emoticon no space between the bracket and R.

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done already!
cool thanks
Ha Ha this is some guys joke! If you have a rainbow next to your name it means you are gay. MSN is Microsoft Network. An American company! I could be wrong but Im pretty sure someone is messing with you.
meh couldent hurt
You can find out here.

Related to yesterday's post, MSN together with Toyota (Guangzhou) has launched a one-for-one donation campaign. For every MSN Messenger user that changes their screen-name to "(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区" [trans (rough): Rainbow of United Hearts, Supporting & Assisting the Disaster Area], MSN will donate RMB 0.10 toward the effort to rebuild schools and the local education system in Sichuan / Wenchuan; Toyota matches MSN's donations.
Link here for details about the campaign. At the time of publishing, the campaign had already raised / donated RMB 160,047.60 [800,238 users x 0.20]. Digital corporate social responsibility, bravo!
wow! It's ture! I've added rainbows to my three msns:)
does it tell u if its working? i did it but said nuffin didn't tell me nothing also.
Guess we just have to take their word for it.
I take it, if they can publish it as news...then it's gotta be worth something.
As mention by Ashley.. "couldn't hurt" in the words of Nike "just do it".
done, i like rainbows. i didnt put red heart which may cause misunderstanding to many of my customers. :)


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