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Limericks – bottom of the barrel poetry but a great way to practice English and have a bit of fun at the same time. The stanza (format) is quite simple and I have given a few examples to kick things off.

So why not flex your poetic muscles and have a bash? Simply choose a member on this site and write him/her an ode.

I have selected 3 GZ Stuffers who we all know and love and who I am sure can take a spot of leg pulling. They have also been fairly prominent of late.

"Fuck, fuck, shit, hate, fuck!" is her call
Her ranting can cause quite a squall
Siting Chen is her name, and this is her claim
"I hate the whole World, fuck you all"

There was a (Re?)Publican, Sean
Who one day was feeling forlorn
In a bit of a huff, he quit GZ Stuff
And his groupies did cry, wail and mourn ……until he came back 5 minutes later.

Gareth a man from the Shire
Who as 'Tree' lit a huge forest fire
Said the Sherwood Oak, "this isn't a joke
I'm a poet and not a damn liar …. honest squire".

*Apparently Gareth and Tree are not the same. I would like to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for being a finger pointing shit stirrer….. and for being wrong.

Luckily for me, Rob doesn't rhyme with anything, except maybe nob, gob, slob, snob, flob and a few others.

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Tried writing a limerick but unfortunately Im not European enough:( Had to erase my lame attempt.
Hi Rob.I learned limerick poems during my high school days and I remember my teacher instructing me to always make 5 lines .Lines 1,2,5 must rhyme with each other as well as 2 and 4.The 5th line must make the readers laugh.I also did a quick check in google a while ago.Anyway, here's my share.
I know a super nice Portuguese-Indian,
Who's well known as a great green comedian,
He always gives people more than 2 cents,
But I think he cant prove his real wits,
Until he burns his own ass in my frying pan.
There's a god who ,one day,gave up his throne,
That caused hundreds of gzstuffers to mourn and groan,
Andre's post called for his comeback,
Yes,few days after he gave the site a smack,
But,he became an ordinary man just in time for the Ramadan.
She messes up her name when moods strike,
Post, delete and post hot photos from time to time,
Men try their best to save their salivas in a pail,
But, alas,the disappointing truth will always prevail,
That she's in Chongqing saving her name!
That's the spirit Eden. Fantastic limericks too.
Thanks Rob! I still have more when I finish these stuffs I am doing.:)
I am looking forward to them already.
1,2,5.....3 and 4 i mean..not 2 and 4
There once was a man called Rob,
Who liked to polish his knob,
He'd stalk girls all day long,
Hoping they'd love his shlong
There's this rather large thing in my pocket,
I call it my purple tipped rocket,
What Sean said is true, and the girls really do,
If my wife finds me at it I'll cop it!
and it's dinner time now so I'll hop it.........................
oh do stop it.....................
There once was a girl named Serena
Whose heart could fill an arena
Although somewhat shy
She's totally fly
With a wisdom that rivals Athena


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